The Municipality of Gobabis provides excellent and responsive municipal services that contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of its residents, investors, visitors and employees.


By the year2024 Gobabis will be an "undisputed town of choice" and the "jewel in the east" of Namibia.

Core Values: TATIIP

  • Teamwork - we work together and support each other for shared success accross departments in the execution of our mandate
  • Accountability - we commit ourselves to be answerable for the work and assignments we have committed ourselves to
  • Transparency - we are open for scrutiny and feedback on our services and the decisions that we make and maintain an open communication channel with our customers and stakeholders
  • Integrity - we do the right thing even when nobody notices and maintain ethical governance standards
  • Innovation - we always look for new and better ways to serve our customers
  • Professinalism - we provide world-class services to all our customers with courtesy to the best of our ability without fear or favour

Strategic Priorities

  • Intrastructure Maintenance and Development
  • Tourism and Local Economic Development
  • Environment and Social Development
  • Improved Financial Stability
  • Capacity Building and Corporate Governance


Our website allows citizens and members of the public to communicate effectively with the Municipality as well as gain access to crutial municipal services.

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