Local Economic Development

The Local Economic Development Department’s mandate is to provide health services and promote economic development in Gobabis. Several services and functions of the office include food sampling, pest and environmental pollution control, identifying and implementing projects that address community needs, the promotion of SME’s and informal businesses, as well as, business attraction, retention and expansion through investment promotion.The department is also responsible for the development and maintenance of sporting facilities, cemeteries, parks and gardens and the general upkeep of the streets.

The Department consists of the following divisions:

Local Economic Development 

The role of the LED division is the marketing and promotion of Gobabis as a viable investment destination for prospective investors, as well as, promoting trade within the town to empower the community.


The Health Services Division is tasked with ensuring that the quality of health is constantly maintained within town. Some of the services they provide are food inspections within the retail industry in the Town, abattoir inspections, as well as, monitoring for wild animals that may stray into the town.

Parks & Gardens

The purpose of the Parks & Recreation Division is to provide professional horticultural services to beautify Gobabis, as well as, the maintenance of cemeteries, sport and recreational facilities, to meet the needs of the growing population.

Solid Waste Management

The Solid Waste Management Divison is tasked with ensuring that all solid waste generated in Gobabis is effectively and efficiently managed and properly disposed. This office aims to ensure a clean living environment for all citizens of Gobabis.

Community Development

This Division acts a liaison between the community and the municipality. It identifies areas of development that the community needs and creates strategies for these needs to be fulfilled.


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